Tyler Wagner

Senior Producer

Tyler's Published Stories

Bursting the U.Va. Arts Bubble

Why students should stop overlooking Charlottesville’s thriving local arts scene

Rodney Mullen: The Motivational Skater

Skateboarding icon Rodney Mullen sits down with The Pioneer to share some of the insights gained from his decades in the skate industry.

Redefining Adventure: Meet Doug Stoup

The Pioneer sits down with environmentalist, inventor, and adventurer Doug Stoup, the world’s most accomplished Arctic explorer.

Craig Dubitsky: All Hello, All the Time

The Pioneer’s Natalie Browning sits down with Craig Dubitsky, Founder and CEO of Hello Products.

A Music Lover’s Guide to the Tom Tom Founders Festival 2016

The music musts of this year’s festival.

NYC Startup Trip 2015

Last semester, HackCville took over 50 students to the Big Apple to get an in-depth look at some of the city’s youngest companies.

UVa Grad Joshua Anton and His “Drunken Man’s Toolkit”

In just a few short years, Joshua Anton has built an app with over 300,000 users and counting. Almost everyday it seems as if another major news outlet is covering his story and every week, thousands of new downloads help expand his user-base. He sat down to speak a little about his journey, challenges, hopes, and advice.

Meet Clare Carr: The Science of Marketing

Clare Carr, the head of marketing for startup Parse.ly, has a surprising background. The UVa alumna shares her story, advice, and what exactly Parse.ly does.