Isabella Ciambotti

Managing Editor

Isabella's Published Stories

Meet Jasmine Zollar

The Untold Story of an atypical lawnie.

Launch Your Career

What Launch Graduates Have to Say

Expanding Networks

HackCville and UVA grad Stefanie Van Rafelghem talks Startup Trips, Imposter Syndrome, and more.

Totem: Making it Easy to do Good

Totem connects community members and business owners in charitable challenges.

The Rotunda’s Return: A Video Journey

The Pioneer tells the story of the recently debuted Rotunda and the changes that have happened under the scaffolding in the last three years.

Creating His Own Brand: Fourth-Year Ross Youell and His Fashion Philosophy

Fourth-year Ross Youell started his own clothing line with the aim of making fashion a more integral and affordable part of men’s everyday lives.

The Cville Startup Career Fair

Startups pride themselves on thinking outside of the box, and Tuesday’s first annual Cville Startup Career Fair was no exception.