Catherine Cura

Storyboard Program Lead

Catherine "CC" Cura is the program lead for Storyboard. CC is a 4th year studying Politics and Media Studies in the College. CC was one of the earlier members of HackCville. She graduated the first-ever Hustle class in the fall of 2015, and has been heavily involved in the media arm of HackCville, the Pioneer, ever since. You can reach her at

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Catherine's Published Stories

To Future Women…

Go further, higher, faster. Do speak up and do not stop.

Meet Paola Sanchez Valdez

The Untold Story of a former DACA recipient and the founder of DREAMers on Grounds and PLUMAS.


You are not receiving the recognition you deserve.

The Pioneer Presents: Women’s Week

We made a video for Hillary Clinton in November. Why are we still talking about it?

Meet Michelle Miles

The Untold Story of a disability advocate and award-winning filmmaker plying her trade right here at UVA.

Meet Ryan Keen

The Untold Story of an independent student.

A Zoom-In on Exposure’s First Project

The Pioneer takes a look at some of Exposure’s photography projects based on caffeine, water and perspective.

Ranting & Raving

The Pioneer looks back at the best part of some of its producers’ applications.

Step Back to Step Up

How I learned to say ‘no’.

Feelin’ the Funk

Bands and brews at Boylan for the 2nd annual Corner Indie Battle.