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Cville Eats: Local, fresh food at Feast!

Introducing Cville Eats, the first of our new series on the local food scene here in Charlottesville. For our first episode, our team explores the delicious food at Feast! of West Main Street.

This Week at HCM: Tom Tom Edition – April 7, 2014

It’s Tom Tom week! Charlottesville’s innovation festival kicks off this Wednesday. Here are our top picks for what you don’t want to miss.

Music, art, & innovation: Tom Tom 2014

The Tom Tom Founders Festival (TTFF) is a 5-day music, art, and innovation festival in Charlottesville, Virginia that celebrates creativity…

15 hours of dance: the University Salsa Fest

The University Salsa Fest is a statewide event that brings together both student and non-student salsa enthusiasts for…

HC Open House, APALTI talks, and more – This Week at HCM: March 31

Here’s our recap of what you don’t want to miss next week. The Corner Indie Fest is coming up this…

Join the HackCville staff! – This Week at HCM: March 24

Calling all changemakers and creators – apply to the HackCville student staff! Applications are out and are due this…

The origins and future of theCourseForum

HC.Media takes an exclusive look behind-the-scenes at theCourseForum, exploring their interesting history and ambitious plans for the future.

Craft Cville, CBIC talks, and more – This Week at HCM: March 3

Craft Cville launched its vendor application for Tom Tom this week – find out what else you need to know with our 60 second recap of the week in news.

Startup Weekend, RadiumOne, and more – This Week at HCM: February 24

Coming up this week is Startup Weekend Charlottesville – see what else you don’t want to miss in our 60 second recap of the week.

Darden conference, theCourseForum, and more – This Week at HCM: February 17

The Entrepreneurship Group is holding it’s Entrepreneurs of the Corner event with speakers from Trinity, Para Coffee, and Ragged Mountain this week. Also this week is the…