The Pioneer Arts Previews: Tomtoberfest Cheat Sheet

The names you need to know and the music you need to hear ahead of this weekend’s Tomtoberfest.

The Propaganda of Perfectionism

A distorted ideal.

The ISM Project

An exploration in visual storytelling.

From Student Project to International Film Festival

The story of Flight of the Finch.

A Zoom-In on Exposure’s First Project

The Pioneer takes a look at some of Exposure’s photography projects based on caffeine, water and perspective.

Can I Kick It? A Local Hip-Hop SHHOcase

Showcasing talent right here in Cville.

Lady T: Teaching and Inspiring

How this UVA Drama Professor’s influence goes beyond the classroom.

Aspen Miller: Artist, Director, Activist

Third-Year Drama Major and Arts Scholar Aspen Miller uses art to fuel his activism.

Artist Series, Three: Liza Pittard and Audrey Crooks

A photographer and a poet collaborate on a spatial exploration.

Man Behind the Murals: Chicho Lorenzo of IX Art Park

Local muralist Chicho Lorenzo shares the philosophy surrounding Charlottesville’s IX Art Park