The Pioneer Makes a Podcast

Hosts Mike and Sean explore the passions and interests of their fourth-year friends.

Sometimes our friends know more than they let on.

We wanted to give them a chance to talk about what they’ve spent four long years studying. We wanted them to teach us something we wouldn’t learn otherwise.

We’re Mike Zabin and Sean Gibbons, senior producers here at The Pioneer, and we’re excited to introduce you to The Pioneer’s very first podcast series! The Senior Series is designed to encourage a more in-depth discussion of the many wonderful, unusual, and complicated subjects studied at UVA. Every other week we bring in a fourth year student to talk about the coalescence of all their years of study. They’ve learned a lot while they’re here, so what sticks out to them? What class will they remember? What subject are they most passionate about in their major?

Our first episode in the series features English and Creative Writing major Joe Gates. He’s here to talk about novels: the books and the authors that create literary norms and redefine the rules of the genre. We start from the conception of the novel in the mid 18th century and work our way through revolutions in realism, modernism, and postmodernism up to contemporary work.

Listen here, or find us on iTunes and the Apple Podcast app.

If you’re looking to skip ahead, check out the following times:

16:00—why write a novel?

21:00—20th century changes

21:56—free indirect discourse

22:42—stream of consciousness

24:54—the beat generation

28:30—Albert Angelo; B.S. Johnson

33:53—Toni Morrison and metafiction

35:40—Master of None, Junot Diaz, and the fragmentary novel

40:15—Infinite Jest: encyclopedic novels

41:48—the importance of experimental fiction

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