Our goals and outcomes for HackCville members

How clarity, confidence, and competence can enable you to be ready for whatever comes next

With all of HackCville’s programs, we envision what traits, capabilities, mindset and psychological states we want HackCville students to have when they leave. Based off of that, here are our 3 big goals we have for our students to help them be ready for whatever comes next.

1) Find Clarity.

Life is a grand mystery, confusing and rapidly changing. The status quo is often a bumpy road for students, and you can find yourself in a never-ending circle of uncertainty. One of the best ways to make yourself miserable is to stay stagnant in your confusion about what you really want to do.

We hope that you can use your time at HackCville to get clarity on who you are and what you actually like to do by working on teams and cool projects, and by digging deep into what makes you do your best work. Our programs are structured to give you a chance to try a few things, dig deep into the things you like, join with others and try to create something awesome. And our community and leadership are here to orient you in towards your true direction.

2) Gain Competence.

One of the worries that many liberal arts (and engineering) students have is that they’re not that good at a specific skill or know how to teach themselves skills in general. We hope that you can combine a UVA education with a HackCville education — an education in “doing stuff.” This combination will help you become “T-shaped” (learning deeply and widely).

Why we find this important: 1) if you want to get a job, employers want people that can learn quickly, effectively, and have marketable skills from the get go; 2) if you want to do your own thing, you’ll have to teach yourself a lots of new skills (marketing, selling, finance, organizing, coding, etc) and dozens and dozens of pieces of software, systems, processes, etc.

In both of these ways, you can see why having the ability to hone new skills and fostering a hunger to learn makes an ideal HackCville member.

Our summer Launch program is one of the biggest ways we build competence and confidence.

3) Building Confidence.

Confidence is one the most under-developed characteristics we see in students. It’s critical to be confident if you’re going to try and solve problems, try to get yourself a job, make your own way in the world, or do your best work. Misplaced confidence or overconfidence can lead to real problems, but a lack of confidence can make you hesitate, not trust yourself and what you want, and make it more difficult to rise to challenges.

We have found that one of the outcomes of learning skills, designing and building things, and seeing impact is self-esteem. We’re here to make each other optimistic that the problems of the world are solvable and that we can materially contribute to making things better.

If you have all three of these states — clarity, competence, and confidence — you’ll be ready for anything. That’s what we hope you’ll be, and that’s what we hope all of our fellow HackCville members will be when they graduate.

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