The Pioneer Presents: Women’s Week

We made a video for Hillary Clinton in November. Why are we still talking about it?

The Pioneer is taking a week to feature pioneering women in Charlottesville and beyond. Each day for the next week, we will post a story that informs, inspires, and empowers. As part of this weeklong event, The Pioneer is collecting clothing donations for the Sexual Assault Resource Agency – you can find the donation boxes in the lobbies of #9 and #17 Elliewood Avenue.

You might have already seen this video.

In November, four (female) members of The Pioneer’s editing staff produced a video for Student Council. “Dear Hillary” was shown at the Women’s Global Leadership Forum before Secretary Clinton delivered the keynote speech.

Nothing in this video was scripted. It includes only some of the many friends and strangers who we dragged on camera to ask what Hillary Clinton meant to them. Despite the range of unique stories we heard, one pattern became clear: Hillary Clinton’s demonstration of female leadership changed how they saw women as a whole. As girls, they watched her speeches on TV; as young women, they followed and critiqued her policies; today, they look to her example in times of self-doubt.

It’s the decade of the African Women Leadership Network and The Handmaid’s Tale; of legislative advances in the Middle East and Cardi B; of the largest Women’s March in history and the #MeToo movement. It’s clear that the media’s representation of women is entering a new era. How we see women is more crucial than ever. So we’re sharing “Dear Hillary” again, reminding ourselves of something that’s still too easy to forget.

Women in power are always relevant. 

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