From Song to Screen

Storyboard’s newest cohort brings their favorite songs to life with this collection of short videos.

Just a few weeks ago, participants of HackCville’s digital storytelling program Storyboard began the long and arduous process that is video production. Only three classes after learning how to use a Nikon DSLR, Storyboard students planned, shot, edited and produced a full video.

Each group of students has their own unique take on the assignment prompt: Using one of your favorite songs, make a 30 second video with a focus on maintaining your own perspective and voice.

So, without further ado, please enjoy the first of many videos by this semester’s Storyboard program participants!

“Pumped Up Kicks”-Foster the People

By Riley Mazariegos, Casey Wagner and Elaine Chun:
“Creating is never easy, and certainly not linear. What was supposed to be a music video for Pumped Up Kicks by Foster the People, ended up something unlike anyone of us expected. This wasn’t our vision, and that is O.K. Creating isn’t just about your vision, it is about journey; a tortuously long, difficult journey filled with dead batteries, printer paper cigarettes, and four different cameras. But the fact is, we learned from the experience, and that is all that really matters.”

“Almost Winter”-Andrew Applepie

By David Yoon:
“Originally I wanted to create a happy montage video of random people doing fun things like conversing, playing spike-ball, laughing while doing work, etc. However, I genuinely couldn’t find people doing fun things on a Wednesday night (go figure) and so I decided to switch it up and try to get more soothing clips of the environment and the general public and make a montage out of that. As a result, I also had to try and find a new song that had a calm, yet upbeat tone to it which I think I did successfully.”

“Hold Up”-Beyonce

By Kia Wassenaar, Hojung Lee, Emily Wu and Treshauna Gary:
“The most difficult part of the creative process was choosing the song for our short video clip because everyone had such different musical tastes, but having such a wide array of tastes ended up working to our advantage. We chose Beyonce’s Hold Up, inspired by the strong beat of the song. Once we selected the song, the ideas came naturally. Our video is grounded in female empowerment and individuality, showcasing everyone’s personality by performing the same exact actions throughout the video in unique ways.”

“Don’t Know Why”-Norah Jones

By Maya Silverman and Brandon Kim:
“We decided to pick a song first and then choose the content of our scenes for the feel of the song. After this, we said we wanted to have five different scenes that were “artsy.” We came up with potential artsy shots, such as a raindrop at the tip of a leave and the swirling of smoke from the water boiler. After that, we shot the scenes and edited the clips of the videos to shorten the total video length to 30 seconds.”

“Human”-Rag N Bone

By Jessica Park, Claire Dowling and Summer Zhang:
“In this music video, we were trying to decode the two major components of ‘being a human’ —-the outer body and the inner soul. We started by filming close-up shots of eyes, hair, lips and collarbone to show the biological definition of a human. Then we focused on using motion to express emotions, which often times manifest the dynamism of souls. A few emotions that were chose in the video: anger, loneliness, happiness and confusion, pretty much conclude the emotional roller-coaster that a human being, especially at our age, experience on a daily basis. Therefore, by showing these emotions, we want to show that it is okay to be angry, confused or lonely, because we are only human after all.”

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