Here’s Why You Saw 150 Balloons Around Grounds Last Week

The Pioneer is publishing engaging content each week. And we’re not going to lie – we want you to know about it.

Chances are you saw a balloon or two (or ten, or fifty) on your way to class last Thursday morning. Indeed, The Pioneer planted more than 150 balloons all across Grounds at sunrise. Our goal? To get you here.

The Pioneer has served as the multimedia publication of HackCville since 2015, and now we’re releasing more content than ever before. Our aim is to highlight creatives, entrepreneurs, technologists, and all-around badasses at U.Va and in the Charlottesville community. To this end, we’ve divided the website into four main “verticals”: Arts, Community, Technology, and Voices.

From written content to video interviews to photo essays, this year has already been eventful for The Pioneer. Our producers on the Arts team have published stories on the U.Va. arts bubble, Tomtoberfest, and the media’s distortion of beauty. The Community vertical recently documented one of U.Va.’s most unique CIOs and is currently exploring the Charlottesville food scene with the “Bite Out of Charlottesville” series. Our Technology team, meanwhile, just released an insightful look into Tinder at U.Va. We’re also publishing pieces continually on Voices, our vertical for partnership content, opinion pieces, creative ramblings, and our take on the world’s most important debate.

In every case, The Pioneer tells real stories about real people – stories you may not have known otherwise. And although we publish content each week, we can guarantee that no two pieces will be the same.

If I still have your attention, I encourage you to snoop around our website a bit. You’ll almost certainly find something that piques your interest. If you like what you see, give us a like on Facebook. We won’t be placing balloons around Grounds again, I promise. We will, however, be posting killer content on the regular. Stay tuned.

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