NYC Startup Trip 2016

HackCville took almost 100 students to New York for the largest Startup Trip in its history.

Last Fall, HackCville rounded out the semester with its fifth annual New York Startup Trip and the largest in its history: 35 companies, 92 students, and 8 specialized tracks!

Students hopped on buses Thursday night and rolled into the Long Island City around 12AM for a quick sleep before the hectic weekend.

All Friday students went on 4-5 company visits with their respective tracks and got a sneak peak into the startup scene.

“I got see to startups from a whole new perspective, even different from before,” said Troy Sweeney, a third year student unaffiliated with HackCville. “This time it wasn’t necessarily about profit and all the success, more so, it was about business as a force for good. And that’s something that I’ve always wanted to find. That’s something I’ve always found in myself, that if I was going to start my own business it would obviously be a force for good.”

The night ended with burgers and over 100 alumni at the annual Wahoowa Alumni Mixer.

Saturday morning allowed students time to explore the city before meeting back up for lunches with alumni and discussion workshops.

“I think one of the best parts about this trip that HackCville put on is that it’s student run. I hope that it was worth it to the [track leaders] because it was definitely worth it to people like me who haven’t really experienced HackCville, or even startups, or New York City.”

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