A Zoom-In on Exposure’s First Project

The Pioneer takes a look at some of Exposure’s photography projects based on caffeine, water and perspective.

As Spring Break commences, HackCville programs are beginning to see some amazing projects emerge! Program participants in Exposure, HackCville’s photography program, just finished up their first project of the semester. The prompt? Take 15 photos related to water, caffeine and perspective and turn them into one cohesive collection.

Four of our favorite collections can be seen below.

Kaleigh Watson

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“Honestly, Exposure has been an absolute highlight of my semester. One of the coolest parts was seeing how my photography improved even just over the course of this first project.”


Scott Horowitz

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“Finally putting together the final project was a unique experience for me, as usually I take photos as stand-alone works. Using a series to express certain themes and objectives made the entire piece more powerful. My favorite part of the project was developing the style in which I was going to shoot. In the end, I decided to shoot them all handheld and at night; night because of the unique perspective that the lack of light provides, and handheld because it allows spontaneity in my pictures.”


Kevin Han

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“I actually took most of these photos in one day. I had a sudden boost of inspiration and just took pictures the whole day. I was really happy with how it turned out because it was my first time shooting with a camera. My favorite part was the amount of coffee I was able to drink because of this project!”


Maya Korb

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“I focused this project around the human relationship between the three themes (caffeine, perspective, and water). For this project, I chose to highlight exhaustion, strength and temptation in each of the mini-collections. My favorite part of the project was seeing everyone elses work! My peers have wonderful ideas, some that I would not even think to do, so it is exciting to see them come to fruition. Everyone’s style is so unique, it is inspiring and motivating to undertake a project like this together.”

NOTE: Quotes have been edited for length clarity.

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