HackCville Member Leads Photography Workshop

HackCville’s own Ariel Kao led an insightful workshop about the basics of photography, including the exposure triangle, composition, and basic photo editing tools and tips.

This week at #9 Elliewood Avenue, UVa students of all years and skill-sets gathered to learn from HackCville’s own photography guru, Ariel Kao. During the workshop, participants learned the basics of composition, lighting, post-production, and manual camera settings. Following the workshop, participants mingled over pizza and drinks and had the opportunity speak with Ariel one-on-one to learn more about her experiences and gain valuable advice.


Photographers of all skill-sets gathered at HackCville to gain insight from experienced photographer, Ariel Kao.
Participants and pizza made for a full house at HackCville.
Attendees were encouraged to ask questions in order to create a discussion centered on photography and visual storytelling.
Attendees’ experience with photography ranged from semi-professional to hobbyists to no experience whatsoever.
Workshop leader, Ariel Kao, has taught digital photography classes at the University.
HackCville members as well as students from other CIOs came together to learn about a shared interest.
Along with learning about the basics of taking photos, the pros and cons of camera brands like Nikon and Canon were also examined.
During her presentation, Ariel Kao told participants that “photography is the art of manipulating light.”
Thanks to Ariel’s experience and expertise, all in attendance left #9 with a better understanding of photography.

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