Meet Julia Greenberg: From Human Behavior to High Tech

Julia Greenberg didn’t take the traditional path to business, graduating from U.Va. with a degree in psychology. Now a consultant at Betts Recruiting, she discusses her position and how to succeed in business without the major.

Julia Greenberg[1]Ask any UVA student what the key to success in business is and most will say a degree through the University’s Commerce School or the Darden School of Business.  Julia Greenberg, a UVA ’11 alumna, was able to find her path to success in business another way.

Julia, a psychology major, didn’t realize she wanted to go into business until the end of her college career.  Although not a student in the Commerce or Darden Schools, she signed up for a couple of classes offered in the Commerce School and even joined the Consulting Club.  [pullquote]I was the only psych major involved with any of this…[/pullquote]When discussing her experience with the job application process during her fourth year, Julia said “I’m pretty sure I was the only psych major involved with any of this stuff, which is good because it gave me a little bit of leverage when I was applying and interviewing for consulting jobs.”

After graduation, she headed to Washington, D.C. to work at a technology company’s consulting firm.  Greenberg worked at the firm doing federal consulting for two years prior to moving out to San Francisco and joining the Betts Recruiting team-a global executive recruitment firm specializing in revenue-generating talent.

“I was ready for change. D.C. was a great place to transition to out of college… and it was really fun, but things started to feel stale.”

betts2Betts Recruiting is the “brain child” of CEO, Carolyn Betts. In five years, the company has grown from a small operation out of Betts’s home to a “one-stop shop” with almost one hundred employees today. At BettsRecruiting, Julia recruits employees for various technology companies that are looking to hire anyone on the “revenue generating” side of the house, predominantly sales and marketing.  However, as with any young firm, there are always challenges.

“For me and my particular role, a challenge is simply getting people’s attention; getting them to pick up your phone calls or answer your emails.  It’s important to be creative about it so that potential clients don’t simply delete the emails.  You really need to be persistent and utilize your network.”

Due to Betts Recruiting’s location in San Francisco, Julia also manages relationships with some venture capital firms betts3in Silicon Valley. Unlike working for other companies to find qualified candidates, the relationship with venture capital firms is more of a partnership.  “When the VC firms have a really cool company growing quickly, they can refer them to us.  With a lot of VC firms, we’re their go to agency.  Maybe the VC firm is helping the company find a really high level person, like a CEO or a COO, but then they’ll tell them to come to us for assistance in hiring sales, marketing, and customer success reps and leaders.”

When looking back on her college experience, Julia doesn’t regret any of the decisions she made. She had this to say to anyone questioning their major or career path: [pullquote]Be persistent and don’t take no for an answer.[/pullquote]“If you’re like me and realize by the end of college that you want to go into business, but don’t have a business background, walk over to the Comm-School. Ask questions. Try to get into the classes. Be persistent and don’t take no for an answer.”

This is part of HC Media’s series on Wahoowa Entrepreneurs, an independent nationwide network of entrepreneurial UVa alumni. 

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