Learn how to build powerful machine learning models to gain insights from data.
Meets Sundays, 3-5 pm
Practice modern skills and learn from the data around you
In Node, you'll learn the art and science of understanding, manipulating, and effectively using data. You'll also learn how to visualize your data and findings to share with those around you. This course is designed for students who have at least some experience with code (CS 1110, Node Lite, Source/Lite, or similar) — if you have 0 background, we recommend taking Node Lite instead.
Use data to answer complex questions
Through the use of real-world data, including some from the City of Charlottesville, students will be able to create impactful and insight-driven projects. We'll explore the context of our data as well as the implications it has for the people it affects. Students will also be given the tools to connect data science with their other interests.
Learn to use machine learning to predict outcomes
We'll also introduce you to more advanced data science techniques, such as neural networks and machine learning. Near the end of the program, you'll develop a final project of your own that puts your data science skills to the test.
Projects You'll Complete
Project 1:
You'll find, clean, and analyze a dataset to learn how to visualize data to tell a story.
Project 2:
You'll work to analyze data and present your findings to a non-technical audience using web applications, blog posts, or explanatory graphics.
Project 3:
You'll act as a real data science team to solve a problem in your chosen field of study.
Skills You'll Learn
Data Cleaning & Analytics
Machine Learning
Data Visualization
Meet Your Program Lead
Ishaan Dey
HackCville Member Since 2018
Membership Perks
Once you successfully complete your first Skills Course you are granted HackCville membership. Here are the perks you get access to as a member.
10 weeks of hands-on skills training
Priority applications for Launch summer program and trips
Early registration and discount on all Crash Courses
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Fees & Accessibility
Course Fee: $125 $95
Each of our courses is just $125 $95 — that's less than a weekly lunch out for the semester. We've dropped the price for Fall 2020 to ensure our courses remain accessible to all in these challenging times, and to reflect that we know online courses aren't the same as being in-person.

We are committed to making our courses accessible to all. We reduce or eliminate the program fee to all students who need it, no questions asked. Our aim is to enable everyone who wants to learn and join the HackCville community.

We think you'll love HackCville, but if you decide you need to drop, you may request a refund within 10 days of your course's first workshop meeting time. You'll receive a full refund, less a $20 operations fee. Beyond this date, no refunds will be given.
Meeting Times
All of our courses meet once a week for 2 hours. Courses start the fourth week of UVA classes (September 13) and continue weekly until Thanksgiving. Courses expect a 4-6 hour/week commitment.

Outside of the 2 hours in your workshop meeting time, you can expect to meet with your instructor weekly for labs (at flexible times) and to spend some time working with your classmates on projects.

We know how to do online teaching right. Our Skills Courses will be all-online for the foreseeable future to protect the health of our students and instructors. Teaching online is not new for us - we know how to make online courses fun, engaging, and interactive. (We know you can't just film a traditional lecture and hope for the best.)

We've modified our curriculum and drastically changed our instructor training to ensure every student has an awesome experience. We've also dropped our course tuition by nearly 30% because we know online learning still isn't the same as being in-person.

We offer one section of Node:
Section A - Meets Sundays, 3-5pm

This course is designed for students who have at least some experience with code (CS 1110, Node Lite, Source/Lite, or similar) — if you have 0 background, we recommend taking Node Lite instead.
Carter Bristow
I would recommend Node to anyone that has an interest in Data Science. Node helped me build a foundation in Data Science and solidify that this is something I want to continue studying, and the class atmosphere of collaborative learning is something I really love about courses at HackCville.
Konrad Siebor
Node definitely made me more comfortable with working with data sets. I feel like I can make something meaningful out of pretty much anything thrown at me, and I don't think I could have said that before taking this course. The projects were also very informative and a great experience booster.