Data Science Track

In the Data Science Track we aim to teach the art and science of finding, cleaning, understanding, storing, manipulating and visualizing data. Further, we hope you'll go farther and learn how to deploy neural nets and use machine learning to solve real problems. You'll get trained on data science techniques used by people at the forefront of this in-demand industry. Comparable programs cost $10,000 just for this portion of the program.

What You'll Learn

This is an intensive program centered on teaching the tools and mindset you'll need to find, clean, understand, and manipulate data. You'll learn how to create predictive models used by organizations of all types. Utilizing Python and R, you will be able to create applications for everything from automating customer service to predicting customer behavior on ecommerce websites. Further, you’ll learn how to create SQL database structures and visualize data using D3.

What You Walk Away With

You'll leave with the tools and tactics manipulate large data sets in valuable ways. You'll be well versed in R, Python, statistical analysis, regression models, and predicting the future. Kidding. You will be able, though, to make compelling predictive models that help make sense of our world. It is our aim that after completing this program you could be a key member of a startup marketing, operations, or product development team.

Our Hiring Partners

Here are the companies that offered internships to our Launch Academy data science students in Summer 2017. 2018 info coming soon.