Launch Internship Program
Launch Software Engineering Track
Gain the skills and confidence you need to design and build real software applications.
In the Launch Software Engineering Track, you'll learn to build web apps through challenging, hands-on projects that mirror what software development is like in the working world. Launch training is light on lectures and heavy on learning by doing. You'll spend most of your time working alongside passionate peers building apps with the same tools that many top tech firms are using to build their software.
What You'll Learn
This is an intensive program designed to turn you into a competent, professional software developer. In this track you'll learn how to:

  • Develop robust web applications with React, a popular modern Javascript framework
  • Implement REST API backends with Express
  • Track changes and collaborate with team members with GitHub
  • Utilize persistent data storage with SQL
  • Understand and implement all parts of the Model-View-Controller design
  • Store data on the backend and interact with it on the front end
  • Use scrum from the agile development framework to set and achieve goals with peers
  • Prioritize functionalities and design within an application to meet client goals in a simulated development team with peers
  • Independently build your development skills by becoming more familiar with how to read documentation for different APIs and frameworks

Students will use these skills to turn ideas into full stack web applications and then learn how to explain those applications to both technical and non-technical audiences.
What You'll Walk Away With
You'll walk away with an understanding of consultant/client interactions, a feel for what it's like to work as a developer in a startup or corporate environment, and the ability to take an idea from abstraction to implementation. You'll also have various portfolio-worthy projects to show off. After completing Launch training and your internship, you'll be ready to:

  • Pick up freelancing jobs with your new skills
  • Apply for your next internship or job with an experience-filled resume and portfolio
  • Start your own side-hustle or passion project
  • Take on a leadership role in HackCville or join the Launch leadership team
  • Lead and work with a team of developers and be more prepared to handle client demands within the scope of projects
  • Stay on part-time with your company (this is company dependent)
  • Tackle a different track of Launch

Overall, you'll learn how to think critically, build with purpose, and communicate clearly. If you're interested in developing or strengthening your software development skills through hands-on projects, this is the track for you.

Our Hiring Partners
These are just a few examples of past Software Engineering Track company partners.