Launch Internship Program
Launch Data Science Track
Learn the art and science of finding, cleaning, understanding, manipulating, and visualizing data.
In the Launch Data Science Track you'll learn the skills and mindset needed to create impactful, data-driven visualizations, make compelling predictive models that help make sense of our world, and manipulate large datasets to deliver impact-oriented insights to a company.

Launch training is light on lectures and heavy on learning by doing. You'll spend most of your time working with your peers on projects with the same tools and techniques used by data scientists at the forefront of this in-demand industry.
What You'll Learn
This is an intensive program designed to turn you into a competent, professional, and thoughtful data scientist. In this track you'll learn how to:

  • Create predictive models (such as K-nearest neighbors, neural nets, linear regressions, etc.) used by organizations of all types
  • Develop machine learning models
  • Build datasets through web scraping using Python
  • Create visualizations on a variety of topics that allow key stakeholders to understand the main takeaways
  • Use SQL to store and process data
  • Build beautiful, interactive visualizations in Tableau

Project feedback from both instructors and peers along with presentation practice during training will lock in your ability to communicate your ideas clearly, present effectively in front of an audience, and take feedback to make your work even better.
    What You'll Walk Away With
    You'll walk away with the ability to understand and manipulate large, complex datasets in a way that creates impact for a company, work collaboratively with other data scientists, and present findings to a non-technical audience. You'll also have various portfolio-worthy projects to show off. After completing Launch training and your internship, you'll be ready to:

    • Pick up freelancing jobs with your new skills
    • Apply for your next internship or job with an experience-filled resume and portfolio
    • Stay on part-time with your company (this is company dependent)
    • Make traction on your own side-hustle or passion project
    • Take on a leadership role in HackCville or join the Launch leadership team
    • Tackle a different track of Launch to round out your skills or move on to the Advanced Data Science track
    Overall, you'll learn how to think critically, analyze data thoughtfully, and work with a team on challenging data projects that can drive real value.

    Our Hiring Partners
    These are just a few examples of past Data Science Track company partners.