Hustle Program Details

Throughout the Hustle program you'll work on 4 mini-startup projects in small teams. You can expect to commit 6-8 hours/week for 10 weeks, starting Feb 3.

Here's what you'll learn and how the projects will work.

How Hustle Projects Work

Every 2-3 weeks you'll form a new team and pick a new project. We'll give you dozens of curated, detailed, and guided projects for you to pick from. Read more about why we believe projects are the best way to learn.

We've shared a preview of a few project choices below. Don't worry if these projects feel intimidating -- we run workshops to teach you how to make them happen.

Teach a Paid Workshop

Run a workshop about anything: dance, photography, or code -- anything that your team knows how to do that you think people might want. Your challenge is to get as many paying customers as possible.

Redesign an App or Website

Interview users of a popular app or website and test how they use the product. We'll teach you the basics of design and prototyping. Based on your feedback, create, test, and iterate on a new version of the product.

Create an Email Publication

Find a topic you and your team members can write about. Set up digital publishing tools, prepare and publish your stories, and get as many subscribers as you can. We'll teach you the tools and marketing techniques.

There are 3 ways we support you with each project.

1. Hacking Nights

Every Sunday-Wednesday 5-8pm are HackCville's Hacking Nights. These are times when HC members come to our clubhouses and hang out, work on projects, or do homework. Some stay for a few minutes, some stay for hours.

This is the best time and place to work on your projects for Hustle, as there are always mentors and peers around you that can help if you get stuck. It's also the easiest way to meet more HackCvillers.

2. Workshops + Check-ins

Every week all Hustlers will stop by HackCville for a workshop and check-in with our team. These happen over two hour blocks:

  1. Option 1: Mondays, 7:30-9:30pm
  2. Option 2: Tuesdays, 7:30-9:30pm

You will need to pick one of these sessions to attend each week when you register for Hustle. Full attendance is expected and needed to successfully complete Hustle.

3. Demo Nights

Every 2 weeks, a few Hustle teams will be asked to present about their projects: what worked, what didn't, and what they learned. These are informal, fun presentations to celebrate as a community the ups and downs of starting anything new.

These presentations kick off Community Dinners, a biweekly HackCville tradition on Thursday nights, 5-7pm. Community Dinners are when all HackCville members come together to hear about recent projects, have dinner and drinks on HackCville, and just hang out and catch up with friends.

Meet some of the Hustle leaders and mentors.

Lily Hungarland

Lily Hungarland is one of Hustle's Program Leads and helped to develop much of its curriculum. A Youth and Social Innovation Major at the Curry School of Education, Lily brings a unique combination of expertise to Hustle's leadership.

Lily formerly led Spark, a HackCville program focusing on innovation and entrepreneurship in education.

Maya Korb

Programs Director

Kaleigh Watson

Hustle Mentor

Daniel Willson

Hustle Mentor

Caroline McCrary

Program Lead

Brendan Walker

Program Lead

Daniel Autry

Daniel Autry is an Elliewood Fellow, HackCville's prestigious designation for top graduates who pursue their own startups post-grad. Autry is currently developing chatbots to improve the patient experience at mental health clinics at universities. He graduated with B.A. in Computer Science from UVA in 2017.

Autry serves as a mentor for the Hustle program in web design, rapid prototyping, and UX. Read more about Autry →

What You'll Learn in Hustle

Here are the skills you'll leave Hustle with through our combination of interactive workshops and project-based learning. Read more here about the goals and outcomes for all graduates of HackCville.

Rapid Prototyping

Knowing how to test ideas quickly without many resources is a skill entrepreneurs need and employers crave. In Hustle you’ll learn the digital tools needed to quickly prototype your ideas for little or no cost.

Mindset of Expert Entrepreneurs

You'll learn the fundamental principles of effectuation, the research-proven method that expert entrepreneurs use to tackle problems big and small.

Communication and Networking

Get trained on the critical communication skills everyone needs in today’s world. You’ll leave Hustle using LinkedIn like a pro, writing professional emails with ease, and confident you can talk to anyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to have an idea to participate?

No, you don't! You'll work on 4 projects throughout Hustle, each for 2-3 weeks. You'll get to pick from a long list of curated, detailed project prompts from us.

What if I have my own idea? Can I work on that?

Hustle is designed to be a fun and fast-paced introduction to the entrepreneurial process. The projects we give you are crafted to ensure you can find quick success and learn fast. We've found that if you have your own idea, it's often best to complete Hustle first to learn the skills and mindset needed to get started.

What's the time commitment?

You can expect to commit 6-8 hours/week for the semester. You're expected to attend the workshops and check-ins every week. These are held on multiple days and times each week to accommodate everyone's schedules. You're also expected to work on your projects at HackCville outside of the workshops and check-ins.

Outside of those commitments, you're strongly encouraged to attend Demo Nights, Community Dinners, and other HackCville community events. This is the best way to get to know more people in our community of self-starters. You'll get more out of your HackCville experience and network the more time you put into it.

How do teams work?

You register for Hustle as an individual. You're welcome to register (and then work with) your friends. Each time you work on a new project we'll ask you to change your team. We'll help to facilitate creating teams if you don't work with your friends.

Who is this program for?

If you're unsure of how to get started at HackCville and/or you'd like to explore your interests and what it takes to start things, Hustle is the best place to start.

We have students from all backgrounds, years, majors, and experience levels participate. We'd love to have you participate, too!

I have more questions.

Great! You have two options. One, stop by our Open House on Friday, January 25 from 4-6pm at #9 Elliewood Avenue. We'll have our entire staff and many of our members present to answer your questions.

You can also feel free to email us at hustle@hackcville.com and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!