The Elliewood Fellowship provides top graduating 4th year HackCville members a viable path to start socially- and locally-focused ventures in Charlottesville, and contribute to Charlottesville’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Eleven of our HackCville members have grown into our first cohort of Elliewood Fellows.

Andy Page

Andy is a jack of all trades -- his combined skills in design, data, code, marketing, and management enable him to start up ideas quickly and effectively. Next year he's using those skills to build Launch and Satellite, two initiatives designed to teach students the critical digital and entrepreneurial skills needed to succeed in today's world.

Andy has held several leadership roles at HackCville. Beginning his second year at U.Va., he has served as Public Events Manager, Managing Director (the top student leadership role), and Launch Director. Andy will graduate in 2018 with a B.S. in Commerce from McIntire. Contact Andy at andy@hackcville.com.

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Allison Garrett

Allison's skills in both science and art match well with the problems she loves to work on: marketing, design, and education. Next year she's focusing on starting ventures that put her unique combination of skills to work. Allison is working on expanding Launch to make modern education more accessible and on other projects that will aid small businesses in their marketing and design.

Allison completed HackCville's Launch summer program in digital marketing in 2017 and completed design projects for local startups and non-profits. She now teaches HackCville's graphic design program. Allison will graduate in 2018 with a B.A. in English and Psychology. Contact Allison at allison@hackcville.com.

Daniel Autry

Daniel believes tech should be used for good. A web designer and developer by trade, Daniel plans to spend the next year building projects that use technology to make an impact on other's lives. His first venture is an app that works toward improving the mental health of its users.

Daniel graduated HackCville's web development program in 2016. As one of the program's top students he was asked to teach it the next year. Building on that experience, he'll be teaching the web design track of Launch this summer. Daniel will graduate in 2018 with a B.A. in Computer Science. You can contact Daniel at autry@hackcville.com.

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Graham Smith

Graham is a maker and a builder. His skills in electronics, woodworking, and code enable him to build real solutions to the problems he cares about. Right now he's channeling those talents primarily toward Babylon Microfarms, a company that's bringing hydroponic farming to homes and small businesses. He's also working on Orthotrac, a medical device that helps patients recovering from orthopedic surgeries heal faster with fewer complications.

Graham met his co-founder for Babylon in HackCville's intro to entrepreneurship program in 2016. A $500 HackCville grant funded their first prototype that still sits behind one of HackCville's buildings. Graham will graduate in 2018 with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. You can contact Graham at smith.h.graham@gmail.com.

Kaleigh Watson

Kaleigh believes stories are meant to be experienced, not just told. As a videographer, writer, runner, and competitive snowboarder, she's uniquely equipped to carry out that belief. Next year she'll be building Cville Adventures, a company that helps people enjoy unique trips and experiences and share those experiences with new friends. She's excited to build something that'll enable her to share her love of exploration (and Charlottesville) with others.

Kaleigh graduated HackCville's photography program in Spring 2017. She has since helped teach that same program while working with Tom Tom Founders Festival as an Innovation Fellow. This summer she'll take her organizational and leadership skills to manage operations for Launch, HackCville's premier summer program. Kaleigh will graduate in 2018 with a B.A. in Media Studies and a Minor in Entrepreneurship. You can reach Kaleigh at kaleigh@hackcville.com.

Mitch Gillin

Mitch uses tech to build communities and connect people with fun and useful information. He loves how software can easily scale to serve thousands if not millions of people -- and the wide impact that that enables. In the past he's worked on software projects in healthcare to make medical information more accessible to patients. Right now he's working on GitHops, an online community and recipe repository for at-home brewers.

Mitch completed HackCville's Launch summer program in software engineerirng in 2017. He now teaches software engineering at HackCville and will co-lead Launch's software track this coming summer. Mitch will graduate in 2018 with a B.S. in Biomedical Engineering. You can contact Mitch at mitch@hackcville.com.

Sarah Dodge

Sarah tells important, untold stories about people that are unseen, unrecognized, or in need. Her photography and video experience is impressive and wide-ranging. She's filmed a documentary about refugees in Serbia and Greece, competed in the Virginia Film Festival, and completed hundreds of freelancing photo and video projects over the last several years. Next year she's working on a documentary about refugees living right here in Charlottesville. She'll also assist other Fellows with their content and production needs.

Sarah was one of HackCville's early members. She's taken HackCville's programs in entrepreneurship and videography, served as Marketing Manager, and started Exposure, HackCville's popular digital photography program. She will co-teach the digital media track of Launch this summer. Sarah graduated U.Va. with a B.A. in Media Studies in December 2017. You can contact Sarah at sarah@hackcville.com.

Shafat Khan

Shafat is a master people person and salesman, and he uses those talents to improve the lives of others. He co-founded Shakti, a social venture and apparel brand that funds women's education in India. Shakti will continue growing in the i.Lab at U.Va.'s program this summer. A Bangladesh native, his ultimate aim is to tackle the child labor crisis back in his home country through social entrepreneurship.

Shafat completed HackCville's social entrepreneurship program in 2017. He now leads that program himself. Shafat will graduate in 2018 with B.A. in Economics. You can reach Shafat at shafat@hackcville.com.

Sophia Woods

Sophia improves the health and quality of life of Charlottesville residents through her skills in urban planning, design, and communication. Right now she's working with local startups and non-profits on their marketing and graphic design. Next year she's excited to start making public spaces and workspaces in Charlottesville more inclusive, green, and user-friendly.

Sophia has served as an assistant instructor for HackCville's graphic design programs for the last year. She will co-teach the digital media track of Launch this summer. Sophia will graduate in 2018 with a degree in both Urban and Environmental Planning and Global Environments and Sustainability. You can reach Sophia at shw7pe@virginia.edu.

Tyler Chartier

Tyler builds communities to create joy and opportunities for others. He's spent years learning how communities develop from many different perspectives, from researching organizational psychology with Harvard to managing a coffeeshop to running community events for HackCville. Next year he's starting the Cville Food Project which fosters connections among people as they experience incredible local food with each other. He'll also be helping other Fellows to start Satellite, a new venture in online education.

Tyler often takes a data-driven approach to solving problems. He completed the data science track of Launch, HackCville's summer program, in 2017. Today he serves as HackCville's Community Manager. Tyler will graduate in 2018 with a B.A. in Psychology. You can contact Tyler at tyler@hackcville.com.

Yash Tekriwal

Yash leads people to action. He helps others feel like they can achieve more than they think they can, and trains and coaches them as they surpass their own expectations. Next year he's taking his talents in teaching, data science, code, and communication to build Launch and Satellite, two initiatives designed to empower others to learn and make things that matter to them.

Yash helped start HackCville's data science program. He co-taught the data science track of Launch the summer of 2017 and went on to manage all of HackCville's programs that fall. He now teaches data science to engineers at local companies and will teach Launch again this summer. Yash will graduate in 2018 with both a B.S. in Commerce and B.A. in Computer Science. You can contact Yash at yash@hackcville.com.