The Elliewood Fellowship is a one-year program that gives top graduates a viable path to start ventures in Charlottesville and contribute to the local entrepreneurial ecosystem.

The Fellowship is an initiative of HackCville, a hub for University of Virginia students pursuing careers in entrepreneurship. The program builds upon HackCville’s existing offerings that develop the technical and entrepreneurial skills of more than 500 students each year. The Fellowship is an annual program that begins this May. Meet this year's Fellows.

HackCville graduates have developed amazing skills, passion, and general entrepreneurial ability in our programs and projects. Even so, current cultural attitudes around career choices discourage them from pursuing an entrepreneurial career path. Add in post-grad financial uncertainty to the mix and they are naturally pulled toward traditional consulting, finance, or big tech career paths.

That's where the Elliewood Fellowship comes in. It addresses these challenges in a few key ways:

1) Financial Support

HackCville provides financial support through projects, freelancing opportunities, and direct support to enable the fellows to pay the bills.

2) Community Connections

HackCville connects these fellows to the numerous existing startup resources in Charlottesville, from the i.Lab at UVA to CBIC to community hubs like Common House and Studio IX.

3) Office Space

HackCville provides fellows with dedicated space at its two offices on Elliewood Avenue and at coworking spaces across Charlottesville.

4) Mentorship & Training

HackCville provides mentorship and training from its staff and from Charlottesville’s civic-minded leaders from a variety of organizations and businesses.

5) Cohort Support

The Fellowship itself is a cohort of dedicated peers that support each other through the challenges and victories of starting anything new.

Together, these components form a network of support that empower the fellows to start and stay here.

If you have any questions about the program, please email Daniel Willson at daniel@hackcville.com.

Meet the 2018 Fellows Apply

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Daniel Willson

Director of Operations, HackCville

Daniel is the Director of Operations at HackCville and one of its founding members. He was part of the founding team of HackCville during his time at U.Va., where he started The Pioneer, Storyboard, and Wireframe. Daniel was as an early employee at the Tom Tom Founders Festival and formerly ran startup support programs with the Virginia Governor’s Office. He graduated U.Va. in 2016 with a B.A. in Computer Science. You can reach Daniel at daniel@hackcville.com.

Chip Ransler

Executive Director, HackCville

Chip is a multi-time entrepreneur having started his first company while in college at U.Va. His most well-known startup is Husk Power Systems, the world's leading decentralized renewable energy company. He is Executive Director of HackCville and is also an adjunct faculty member at both the U.Va. McIntire School of Commerce and U.Va. Darden School of Business. Chip has an MBA from Darden and a B.A. from U.Va.'s College of Arts and Sciences. You can reach Chip at chip@hackcville.com.