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Learn how to be a skilled, resourceful, and entrepreneurial self-starter

Section A - Sundays, 7-9 PM

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An introduction to entrepreneurship

Start your own project.

You’ll learn the end-to-end process of starting a business. You’ll pick up hard skills such as sales, marketing, and branding, in addition to entrepreneurial thinking and an expanded network of resources. After this course, you’ll have the skills and experience needed to launch your next venture—and any profits from the business you’ve already started.

Learn to solve tough problems with new skills in Hustle’s workshops.

The early stages of any project can be ambiguous and scary. We’ll teach you how to use hacks and smartcuts to launch new ideas through our weekly workshops. You’ll learn how to launch a website without any code, design a brand without Photoshop, and network into your dream internship or job without a career fair.

Gain a support team and the self-confidence to launch your own ideas.

As part of the program, we host workshops and office hours to train you on the skills you need to succeed in each project. Then you’ll go into the world and make these projects happen with our team always there if you get stuck. Along the way you’ll gain confidence in your ability to tackle any ambiguous problem, whether it’s designing your major or starting a business. And you’ll gain clarity into what you want to continue learning, way faster than you ever could in school.

Skills You’ll Learn

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Rapid Prototyping

Knowing how to test ideas quickly without many resources is a skill entrepreneurs need and employers crave. In Hustle you’ll learn the digital tools needed to quickly prototype your ideas for little or no cost.

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Effectual Mindset

You’ll learn the fundamental principles of effectuation, the research-proven method that expert entrepreneurs use to tackle problems big and small.

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Communication + Networking

Get trained on the critical communication skills everyone needs in today’s world. You’ll leave Hustle knowing how to access and seek out your own resources.

Meet Your Program Lead

John Sandor

HackCville Member Since 2018

Membership Perks

Once you successfully complete your first Skills Course you are granted HackCville membership. Here are the perks you get access to as a member:

  • 10 weeks of hands-on skills training
  • Priority applications for Launch summer program and trips
  • Access to the HackCville clubhouses’ working and meeting space
  • Early registration and 25% discount on all Skills Courses
  • Exclusive community events and job opportunities

Fees & Accessibility

Course Fee: $125

Each of our courses is just $125 — that’s less than a weekly lunch out for the semester. We are committed to making our courses accessible to all. We reduce or eliminate the program fee to all students who need it, no questions asked. Our aim is to enable everyone who wants to learn and join the HackCville community. We think you’ll love HackCville, but if you decide you need to drop, you may request a refund within 10 days of your course’s first workshop meeting time. You’ll receive a full refund, less a $20 operations fee. Beyond this date, no refunds will be given.

Meeting Times

All of our courses meet once a week for 2 hours. Courses start the third week of UVA classes (January 26) and continue weekly through the end of April. Courses expect a 4-6 hour/week commitment. Outside of the 2 hours in your workshop meeting time, you can expect to meet with your instructor weekly for labs (at flexible times) and to spend some time working with your classmates on projects.

We offer one section of Hustle:
Section A – Sundays, 7-9 PM


I learned a lot from this course, and was able to make projects around things I enjoyed and cared about.

Caroline Edens

Hustle Course Graduate

I really enjoyed the projects and teaching environment of HackCville. Hustle was another way to meet people in the community in a collaborative environment.

Katherine Snider

Hustle Course Graduate

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