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Our Training Process

What does the training process look like?

For the first four weeks of the summer (May 20 – June 14th), accepted students will participate in immersive, intensive skills training to become full-stack developers, marketers, or data scientists.

What is taught to the software engineering students?

Engineering students will learn several front-end and back-end programming languages and frameworks, along with the skills to quickly learn any new language. Students will be trained on Node, React, HTML, CSS, wireframing tools, git and GitHub, and Python. By the end of our training they will be ready to build fully functioning web applications from scratch.

What is taught to the UX/UI design students?

UX/UI designers will learn how users interact with your product through methods like interviewing, observation, and testing. They’ll use wireframing and prototyping tools (Adobe Suite, Sketch) to help make products people love to use. They’ll learn how to create interactive prototypes to test designs in front of real users and iterate to evolve concepts into a digital product.

What is taught to the digital strategy students?

Digital strategy students will learn how to produce integrated marketing campaigns, start to finish. Students will be trained in market research, marketing strategy, SEO, social media, and data analysis. They’ll also learn the basics of design. We’ll round out their training by covering popular digital marketing tools like MailChimp, Google Analytics & AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more.

What is taught to the data science students?

Data science students will learn how to find, scrape, and clean data sets. Students will be trained in R, Python, Tableu, D3, Excel, and an introduction to machine learning. They’ll also learn how to create statistical analyses, predictive modeling, database design, and data visualizations based on their findings. By the end of our program they will be ready to find or use existing data sets to provide immediately valuable insights.

What else do you teach your students?

All students will also go through professional development training to learn how to be effective and communicative employees. We’ll start by introducing students to the basics of how startups and tech companies work and operate. We’ll train students to become expert, effective communicators through regular project presentations, email-writing workshops, and interview practice. Finally, our students will be introduced to the basics of common workplace digital tools, including Slack, Salesforce, G Suite, and more.


How do you match students with companies for the internship portion of the program?

HackCville’s program makes the internship recruiting process as simple as possible. After HackCville receives a Company Partner’s deposit, we can start matching our students with opportunities at the Partner company. After we collect a company’s specific job description, project outline, and/or technologies required, HackCville will find numerous students that fit that profile out of its accepted student pool.

Further, based on materials that the company gives us, HackCville will socialize the Partner’s opportunity to our accepted students and can set up information sessions (virtually or in-person) between the Partner and students.

After that, we will hand-select candidates that are interested in the Partner internship and have the skills required by the company. HackCville will then send Partners 2 or 3 students at a time who will then be available for interviews. This process usually goes quickly and companies sometimes do multiple rounds of candidate assessments.

HackCville’s staff will work with each company Partner and each student to ensure excellent matches. As of August 2018, we have 130 matches under our belts with an extremely high satisfaction rate from both students and companies.


Tell me more about what the company internship looks like.

For the remaining 9 weeks of the summer (June 17th – August 16) HackCville provides each Company Partner with immediately useful, skilled, and trained students. Students will work as project interns at HackCville’s Company Partners for 40 hours/week at the company’s offices. (Remote work is also possible.) These students should effectively serve as immediately-useful team members to help you launch a new marketing campaign, digital product, or data analysis project.

What types of students can I bring on to my team?

You can bring on any number or combination of engineering, web design, digital media, digital strategy, or data science students.

How much management time is expected of my company during the internship?

We know onboarding and managing interns is often time-consuming, difficult, and distracting. HackCville instructors and staff will check in with each student for 30-45 minutes each week to make sure they’re being as effective as possible. Further, we’ll check in with a designated Partner contact to ensure the internship is progressing satisfactorily.

What do I have to provide in order to participate?

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