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The Launch Summer Internship Program isn't your typical internship program. Our interns get advanced training in critical skills: full-stack coding, UX design, digital marketing, data science, and more. Then we match these super-interns with your company to tackle big projects this summer.

We provide technical and marketing talent to 100+ top startup and tech firms across the country. Students get an invaluable skills and build experience. Companies access top talent from one of the top universities in the country, the University of Virginia. Read on to learn why our partners rate our interns 9.4/10.

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Here's how it works:

1) We find and vet 800+ top students so you don't have to.

Top engineering, computer science, business, media, and arts students apply to Launch in the fall and go through a vigorous multi-stage vetting process. Our acceptance rate is about 10%, and 50% of our accepted students are female.

2) We train them to become super-interns for 16 weeks.

Our proven proprietary training system gets students work-ready fast. We've trained over 1,000 students over the last 6 years. Our graduates have landed at Google, Twitter, Palantir, and dozens of fast-growing startups across the country. In Launch, we focus on four different tracks:

  • data science
  • software engineering
  • UX design
  • digital strategy (social/SEO/marketing)
We round out them out by teaching skills in project management, communication, presentations, and professionalism needed to succeed in the workplace.

3) We match students with companies to tackle big projects for 9 weeks.

Throughout the training process, we work closely with each company to find the best match based on each student's skillset, personal interests, and culture fit. For the remaining nine weeks of the summer, students then work as full-time interns or project consultants at the company's offices or remotely. (June 17 - August 16.)

4) Keep working with or hire your interns.

Roughly 50% of students continue working with their companies during the school year. Many companies have hired our graduates full-time immediately after the program.

Current Company Partners

Commonwealth Joe
Generation 180
Lumi Juice
i.Lab at UVA
Community Investment Collaborative
Bonumose Biochem
The Lukens Company
S&P Global
Digital ReLab
Darden Graduate School of Business
Locus Health
TypeZero Technologies, Inc.
Propel IT
Chimera Securities
ICX Media
The Festy Experience
Virginia Diodes
Focused Ultrasound Foundation
Nest Realty
Roots Natural Kitchen
Welld Health
Maternity Neighborhood
Key Log Economics
Charlottesville Economic Development
Stay Charlottesville
Pearl Certification
Boylan Heights
Mudhouse Coffee

"[Our intern] is frickin KILLER. He is as good as you said he would be. This kid is whip smart and picking concepts up really, really quickly. There’s world-changing product just around the corner."

- Oliver Beavers, Trivium Financial

"I’ve found both of our interns to be both incredibly motivated and motivating. The pace of work is impressive."

- Tara Faust, Maternity Neighborhood

"Our three interns are AWESOME. The output for the short amount of time they’ve had is incredible. I love them."

- Derek Mansfield, Local Food Entrepreneur

"As we seek to build our creative economy, HackCville will play a crucial role in training and keeping talent here in Charlottesville."

- Former Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer

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