Our Community

Our community & clubhouse are designed to support anyone who wants to learn or make something cool.

We’d love for you to join us.

Our clubhouse on Elliewood Ave is home to our programs and our student community.

We’ve transformed a historic building on the UVA Corner into an always-buzzing hub of go-getter students. Our rooms are filled with comfy couches, huge whiteboards, fast WiFi, and even a bean bag or two.

To new students, #9 Elliewood Avenue is where you’ll jump into a skills course or train for Launch during the summer. For many, #9 also quickly becomes a home for late-night whiteboarding sessions, idea jams with friends, and even pregames and parties.

Get a taste of our community events and perks.

These two community events are open to the public. These are a great way to get a taste of the HackCville experience before taking your first program with us.

1) Tour innovative companies in NYC, DC, or San Francisco on our career trips.

Travel to new cities, tour startup and tech company offices, and meet dozens of alumni over a long weekend. We’ve visited everywhere from Google to Pixar to tiny 5-person startups you’ve never heard of. (Current members get 10-20% off the ticket price.) Applications and details for Fall 2020 trips will be announced in early September.

2) Take a Crash Course in marketing, software development, design, and more.

If you’ve ever wanted to get a taste of a skill but you can’t commit to one of our semester-long courses, these are perfect for you. We cover the basics of various skills as well as niche, advanced topics in quick workshops held throughout the semester. These will start in Fall 2020; check back later for a list of available courses. (Current members get 50-100% off all Crash Courses.)

How to Become a Member

Once you complete your first HackCville program, you’re granted membership to our community. These are the two programs we offer to new students:

  1. Take a skills course and level up your digital skills. This is the most popular way students join.
  2. Join Launch, our summer training + internship program, and get paid to learn.

Get details on these programs and some member-exclusive programs here.

Membership Perks

  • discounted Skills Courses (25% off) and early enrollment
  • 50-100% off all Crash Courses
  • priority application status for Launch
  • access to our clubhouse and coworking spaces
  • invites to our member-only movies nights, hikes, pregames, and parties
  • …and a whole host of other perks.

After your first semester, dues are $50 each semester. That $50 keeps your membership at HackCville active, and includes all the perks above.