HackCville is a hub for students pursuing careers in entrepreneurship.

HackCville develops the skills, networks, and entrepreneurial ability of talented U.Va. students. We accelerate our students’ ideas, projects, and startups through our experiential programs and tight-knit community.

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit located at #9 and #17 Elliewood Avenue in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Current Available Programs

All programs are open to new students this Fall. One program is open for this summer.

HackCville Summer Academy

Learn In-Demand Skills Online

Part-Time / Jun 10 - Aug 16

Flexible Remote Program

Learn tech skills and gain real world working experience in just 10 weeks over the summer. The HackCville Summer Academy is completely online program, a 10 hour per week commitment, and you can complete the lessons on your own schedule.

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Get details on our skills courses, Hustle, startup trips, summer internship program, and fellowship.

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HackCville's Directors

Caky Winsett

Trips Director

Chip Ransler

Executive Director

Daniel Willson

Chief Operating Officer

Jess Sommerville

Managing Director

Kaleigh Watson

Launch Director

Maya Korb

Programs Director

Sydney Suarez

Marketing Director

Tobias Noyes

Business Development Director

HackCville's Staff

Aaron Gu

Node Program Lead

Annie Sharkey

Agency Director

Bailey Snead

Source Program Lead

Ben Ormond

Operations Manager

Brendan Walker

Hustle Program Lead

Brian Yu

Node Program Lead

Caroline McCrary

Hustle Program Lead

Charlotte Cooney

Account Manager

Daniel Knorr

Source Program Lead

Emeline Callaway

Vector Program Lead

Joshua Schuck

Node Program Lead

Kristen Rose

Trips Manager

Lily Hungarland

Hustle Program Lead

Maddie Steele

Vector Program Lead

Manana Metreveli

Account Manager

Mary Rockwell

Pioneer Program Lead

Mia Ruggiano

Agency Manager

Rachel Liesendahl

Pioneer Program Lead

Robby Keough

Pioneer Program Lead

Sarah Lervold

Account Manager

Sean McGovern

Wireframe Program Lead

Shannon Colson

Vector Program Lead

Shelby Slotter

Richmond Startup Trip Manager

Taylor Rohrich

Source Program Lead

Tucker Wilson

Exposure Program Lead

HackCville's Non-Profit Board of Directors

Adam Healey

Board Member

Brendan Richardson

Co-Founder & Chairman

Lyons Brown

Board Member

HackCville's Founding Team

Alyssa Dizon

Founding Managing Director

Brendan Richardson

Co-Founder & Chairman

Daniel Willson

Chief Operating Officer

Spencer Ingram


Amanda Coombs

HackCville Member

"HackCville opened me to a whole new way of thinking about myself, my skills, and my career goals. It also introduced and exposed me to a whole new group of insanely talented, driven, and inspiring people that have supported me and provided me with amazing opportunities."