HackCville is a hub for students pursuing careers in entrepreneurship.

HackCville develops the skills, networks, and entrepreneurial ability of talented U.Va. students. We accelerate our students’ ideas, projects, and startups through our experiential programs and tight-knit community.

We’re a 501(c)(3) non-profit located at #9 Elliewood Avenue in Charlottesville, Virginia.

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Welcome to HackCville.

Here's how you can get involved.

Public Events

Get an introduction to everything from artifical intelligence to video production to entrepreneurship. Our events are free and open to all.

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Startup Trips

Tour dynamic startup offices and meet with hiring, young alumni in places like San Francisco, New York, Richmond, Washington DC, and more.

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Semester Programs

Learn the ins and outs of data science, marketing, social entrepreneurship, and more. Join our tight-knit community and complete real-world, hands-on projects.

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Internships + Jobs

Get paid to learn in an immersive bootcamp and get matched with a guaranteed internship this summer. Or, get help finding a full-time job from our hiring partners.

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HackCville's Directors

Chip Ransler

Executive Director

Daniel Willson

Director of Operations

Jen Laredo

Managing Director

Kate McGinn

Programs Director

Maya Korb

Programs Director

HackCville's Staff

Andy Page

Alpha Program Lead & Launch Director

Aneesh Susarla

Finance Manager

Caky Winsett

Richmond Trip Manager

Camila Gómez

Marketing Manager

Catherine Cura

Storyboard Program Lead

Chapman Monroe

Wireframe Program Lead

John Pentakalos

Analytics Manager

Kavya Ravikanti

San Francisco Trip Manager

Laura Habermeyer

Convert Program Lead

Leeraz Zuo

Director of The Pioneer

Lily Hungarland

Spark Program Lead

Margaret Chen

Wireframe Program Lead

HackCville's Non-Profit Board of Directors

Adam Healey

Board Member

Brendan Richardson

Co-Founder & Chairman

Lyons Brown

Board Member

HackCville's Founding Team

Alyssa Dizon

Founding Managing Director

Brendan Richardson

Co-Founder & Chairman

Spencer Ingram


Cole Chisom

HackCville Member

"HackCville provides a space to explore oneself in a number of ways and the community of people loves to embrace newcomers and help them grow. I have felt the skills I have learned through HackCville are invaluable as I prepare for the real world."