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HackCville accelerates your ideas, trains you in critical skills, and connects you to jobs, opportunities, and a community you’ll love.

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Applications + Registration Open Soon for 2019

Here's how you can get involved in the new year.


Learn How to Launch New Ideas

Part-Time / Feb 3 - Apr 26

Best for New Students

Get out of the classroom and make stuff happen in HackCville's premier semester program. Learn how to launch new ideas through fun workshops and 4 mini-startup projects.

Skills Courses

Level Up Your Digital Skills

Part-Time / Feb 3 - Apr 26

Most Popular

Learn modern skills through hands-on projects. Pick one of six options: software development, photography, data science, web design, videography, or graphic design.

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Get details on our skills courses, Hustle, startup trips, summer internship program, and fellowship.

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This is just a fraction of the dozens of companies, organizations, and UVA departments we work with.

"HackCville is an incredible institution", a "unicorn", and "like nothing else at any university we work with."

"HackCville's startup trip showed me career paths I hadn't even considered at UVa, and it's where I found a job I absolutely love."

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We know it’s tough to learn or start something alone, so we’ve designed and built our community and spaces to support anyone who wants to work on something cool.

We’re 400+ strong, and one of the only organizations in the country with our unique combination of people, training, and support. Talented, inspiring, empowering, and inclusive - ask any HackCville member and you’ll hear just how incredible our community is.

We have two clubhouses on the UVA Corner that we call home. Our members get 24/7 access to these fun and functional spaces on Elliewood Avenue. Members also get exclusive events, job opportunities, and more. Anyone, regardless of year, major, or background can apply to join HackCville.

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Looking to hire a superstar?

We vet and train top talent in software development, design, marketing, video production, and more. We have freelance, part-time, and full-time hires available for companies of any size.

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"As we seek to build our creative economy, HackCville will play a crucial role in training and keeping talent here in Charlottesville."

Hear what our members have to say.

"HackCville provides a space to explore oneself in a number of ways and the community of people loves to embrace newcomers and help them grow. I have felt the skills I have learned through HackCville are invaluable as I prepare for the real world."

"I really enjoyed the actual skill I learned the most which has introduced me to something new I never would have learned otherwise. Seeing a bunch of random code and letters turn into an actual website is really cool, and a skill I now possess. By the end of the program I will have a personal site and will have worked on designing sites for some other cool challenges."

"There are a lot of different programs at HackCville, so at least one of them is likely to pique your interest and help you develop skills in an area where you might not be able to or have the resources to explore it at UVa. "

"I loved having a community I felt connected to. Having the houses available to just hangout in and having access to tons of cool opportunities was incredible. "

"HackCville opened me to a whole new way of thinking about myself, my skills, and my career goals. It also introduced and exposed me to a whole new group of insanely talented, driven, and inspiring people that have supported me and provided me with amazing opportunities."

"My favorite part about HackCville is learning a new skill with a group of like-minded but unique peers. The community feel and new friends are just the icing on the cake to the phenomenal program I was in this semester. I feel like I have skills I can continue using during college, (hopefully) in the workplace, and for my own enjoyment in years to come."

"The network of motivated people is unlike anything else at UVA. You can always find someone interested in something new and exciting which is inspirational and can come in handy."

"HackCville is a unique, vibrant community where people come from various starting points to learn to become better problem-solvers and future change makers. There is no place like it here in Charlottesville and it is increasingly becoming an integral part of the college experience for its members. "

"HackCville teaches you the skills you need to succeed in high-impact careers - skills that a traditional university education may not. "