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HackCville accelerates your ideas, trains you in critical skills, and connects you to jobs, opportunities, and a community you’ll love.

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We know it’s tough to learn or start something alone, so we’ve designed and built our community and spaces to support anyone who wants to learn or make something cool.

We’re 400+ strong, and one of the only organizations in the country with our unique combination of people, programs, and partners. Whether it’s working on a group project from a skills course, visiting a startup in a new city, or eating BBQ at a community dinner, you’ll find cool people and unique experiences here. We have two clubhouses on the UVA Corner that we call home, and our members get 24/7 access to these fun and functional spaces on Elliewood Avenue. Members also get access to exclusive events, job opportunities, and more.


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Nina Satasiya

HackCville Member

I love the endless amount of resources and guidance HackCville offers. From having members or staff take 5 minutes to sit down and talk to me, to endless workshops throughout the semester, to the random email and text messages— everyone genuinely cares about one another.

Tyler Wagner

HackCville Member

The network of motivated people is unlike anything else at UVA. You can always find someone interested in something new and exciting which is inspirational and can come in handy.

James Chisom

Hackcville Member

HackCville provides a space to explore oneself in a number of ways, and the community of people loves to embrace newcomers and help them grow. I have felt the skills I have learned through HackCville are invaluable as I prepare for the real world.

Amanda Coombs

HackCville Member

HackCville opened me to a whole new way of thinking about myself, my skills, and my career goals. It also introduced and exposed me to a whole new group of insanely talented, driven, and inspiring people that have supported me and provided me with amazing opportunities.

Melissa Wu

HackCville Member

HackCville is a unique, vibrant community where people come from various starting points to learn to become better problem-solvers and future change makers. There is no place like it here in Charlottesville and it is increasingly becoming an integral part of the college experience for its members.

Mark Martinkov

HackCville Alum

My favorite part about HackCville is getting to know everyone in my class and in the overall community. It is unique to find a collection of such innovative and motivated people. The resources offered by HackCville for any sort of project you may want to embark on are extremely useful, especially for those who have limited experience in entrepreneurship.

Audrey Francis

HackCville Member

I love the energy and creativity that HackCville members have. Everybody seems motivated to make a difference in their community, and they all seem to have fun doing it.

Daniel Autry

HackCville Alum

HackCville is one of the biggest reasons why I say I love UVa. The mentorship and advice it has offered me has been unparalleled to anything else I’ve ever taken. The community is both incredibly driven and passionate about everything they do.

Nicole Quinn

HackCville Member

My favorite part about HackCville is the connections; I felt like my New York dreams were so much closer than before having connected with HackCville. They have such an elaborate network and so many people with different skill sets willing and able to help me think about internships, jobs, etc…I felt like I had a group of people I could ask to help me try something new or go somewhere new.

Aiden Carroll

HackCville Member

Not only has HackCville been instrumental in introducing me to ReinventED Lab, where I will be interning this summer, but it has helped me meet individuals from all areas of the university with similar interests in startup culture.

Our Sponsors and Hiring Partners

HackCville is an incredible institution and like nothing else at any university we work with.

Brendan Collins

College recruiter at Google

HackCville’s programs showed me career paths I hadn’t even considered at UVA, and it’s where I found a job I absolutely love.

Peter Simonsen

Hackcville Alum, UVa ’15