HackCville's Startup Trips

HackCville’s Startup Trips

HackCville hosts immersive trips to cities across the country (New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, and more) to tour companies, meet alumni, and give students networking opportunities with industry leaders.

These trips give students interested in entrepreneurship a chance to explore the working culture and biggest challenges of today’s most innovative startups and established companies. Many of the companies we visit are often hiring for internships or entry-level jobs.

While we give application preference to students in our programs, HackCville’s trips are open for anyone to apply to.

Our next trip is to our home city of Charlottesville this April. More details will be announced here in February.

“Please extend my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped organize the trip. I literally completely owe you guys for getting me my dream job.”

– Peter Simonsen, HackCville Alumnus, Data Analyst at Dataminr in NYC

Watch an overview of our annual trip to New York City.

Meet the Trip Leads

Kendall Jenkins

Kendall is the Charlottesville Trip Lead at HackCville. She also is an assistant instructor HackCville’s Ignite program. She’s a 4th Year studying religious studies and social entrepreneurship at UVA. Kendall graduated HackCville’s Hustle program in Fall 2015. If you have questions about the Charlottesville trip, you can email Kendall at kendall@hackcville.com.

Melanie Weiskopf

Melanie is the Baltimore Trip Lead. A Baltimore native, Melanie is a 2nd Year studying American Studies at the University of Virginia. Melanie graduated HackCville’s Hustle program in Fall 2015. If you have questions about the Baltimore Trip, you can email Melanie at melanie@hackcville.com.

Holland Cathey

Holland is the New York City Trip Lead. Holland is a 2nd Year studying Global Sustainability and German at the University of Virginia. Holland graduated HackCville’s Hustle program in Spring 2016.

We hired two HackCville student interns for the last two summers for both technical and non-technical (editorial) roles. We were blown away by the quality of their work and how quickly they began contributing to the team.

They added tremendous bandwidth to what we could accomplish as a small startup and were able to keep them on for PT stints while back at school. We even tried to convince one of them to leave school and work with us full-time.”

– Tarek Pertew, Co-founder of Uncubed, UVA Alumnus


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