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The Node

HackCville’s Data Science Program

The Node is a 12-week program that teaches the fundamentals of data science and how it is used to solve real-world problems. Learn more about The Node below, or learn more about all of HackCville’s programs here.

Program Details

Students in The Node learn the foundations and applications of data science through weekly interactive lessons and case studies.

Students will work in teams to take the basic concepts learned in class and use it to solve problems in the community. Additionally, students will combine their newly learned skills with their own personal passion to create an individual project under the guidance of an alumni mentor.

Graduates of The Node will have a valuable set of technical skills and experience in data science necessary to solve problems in a highly information-dense world.

There are two Node sections for Spring 2017, both starting the week of February 5:

  1. Node CS: for those with at least an introductory knowledge of computer science. Node CS meets Thursdays 5-6:30pm.
  2. Node: for those with no computer science background. Node meets Tuesdays 5-6:30pm.

No experience in data science is required or expected for either Node CS or the Node.

Meet the Program Leads

Yash Tekriwal

Yash Tekriwal is the program lead for The Node and a 3rd Year Computer Science and Commerce double major at UVA. Yash has extensive data science experience, having worked most recently as a data scientist for DataProphet in Capetown, South Africa. You can reach Yash with any questions about The Node at

Vikram Seshadri

Vikram graduated the Node program in Fall 2016 and is now one of the assistant instructors for The Node. Vikram is a 1st Year at UVA studying biomedical engineering and business.

Nikhil Bhaip

Nikhil graduated the Node program in Fall 2016 and is now one of the assistant instructors for The Node. Nikhil is a 2nd Year studying Computer Science at UVA and also serves as the Analytics Manager for HackCville.

I really liked all the learning that took place without it really feeling like learning or like school.”

– Gina Szucs, HackCville Member

HackCville Membership Perks

After you complete your first HackCville program, you're granted HackCville membership. Here's what you get:

24/7 access to our fun and functional clubhouses on Elliewood Ave. Our two clubhouses are filled with hammocks, couches, whiteboards, and WiFi. Use our space to work on your projects, hold meetings, or just hang out.

Exclusive events and job opportunities. Whether it's drinks with the co-founder of Reddit or HackCville-only job opportunities, we give our members access to dozens of unique experiences every year.

A community that feels like family. You'll join HackCville's 200-member community of the most talented and badass people in Charlottesville.

Early access to HackCville programs, no application required. Want to take another program? As a member, you can just sign up - no application required. We open up spots to members before the public.

Here’s what’s included in every HackCville program.

1. Workshops

Each program cohort meets 1-2x each week at one of HackCville's clubhouses on Elliewood Avenue. You'll participate in fun, fast-paced workshops to teach you modern skills.

Along the way, you'll be become close with your peers. Many of our students end up starting projects together with the people they meet.

2. Projects

You'll work on several hands-on projects throughout the program to put what you're learning into action. This could be anything from a data visualization project to a mini-documentary to your own startup.

These make great resume-building and portfolio-building experiences, too.

3. Mentorship

HackCville pairs every student with a peer and/or alumni mentor to provide guidance and support as you work on your projects throughout the program.

Our team also meets with you several times one-on-one to ensure you're getting the most out of your program.

4. Trips

HackCville hosts immersive trips to cities across the country (New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, and more) to tour companies, meet alumni, and give students networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Trips are where you see how what you're learning is put into action in the real world.

Learn more about all of HackCville's programs.


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