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Get a superstar to work on important projects this summer.

HackCville knows working with interns can be a pain. Finding and vetting them, scoping projects for them to work on, managing them, and, let's face it, not always being impressed with the outcome of their work - the process can be arduous, time consuming, and often unproductive.

That's where our HackCville's Launch program comes in. We help students learn critical skills, provide much needed technical talent to local firms at very affordable prices, and get highly valuable students to love and stay in Charlottesville.

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Here's how it works:

We recruit, vet, and select the best students for you.

Hundreds of top University students in engineering, computer science, business, and arts apply to Launch in February and go through a vigorous vetting process. Students apply to one of four tracks: marketing, data science, web design / front-end, or software engineering.

Our acceptance rate is about 30%, less than half that of the UVA Commerce School. Our students come from across years and majors, and 50% of our accepted students are female.

We train them to become junior engineers, web designers, marketers, and data scientists in just 6 weeks.

Our proprietary training system gets students work-ready fast. Developers learn the full stack with an emphasis on Node and React. Web designers learn design tools, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and theme development. Marketers learn to run integrated digital campaigns from ideation to execution. Data scientists learn R, Python, and data visualization techniques.

Our experts also train these super-interns in the communication skills and professionalism needed to succeed in the workplace.

Our Curriculum →

We match students with companies to tackle big projects for the rest of the summer.

Throughout the training process, we work closely with each company to find the best match based on each student's skillset, personal interests, and culture fit. For the second six weeks of the summer, students then work as full-time project consultants at the company's offices. (July 5 - August 11.)

Capabilities of Launch program interns include creating various web applications, creating and executing integrated digital marketing campaigns, using data to identify customer trends, and visualizing large data sets.

We support our students weekly throughout the internship to make sure they're on track. Our ongoing mentorship and support lessens the company's burden of managing students.

Our Outcomes →

"HackCville is an incredible institution", a "unicorn", and "like nothing else at any university we work with."

Brendan Collins, College Recruiter at Google
Hired four HackCville students over the last two years.

Dates, Cost, & Payment

Company partners pay $4000 to HackCville per student. HackCville pays each student $1000 living stipend out of this payment while the rest covers the cost of their training. Companies do not need to pay students directly.

A non-refundable $500 deposit per student is due to confirm an engineer, web designer, marketer, or data scientist for the summer. Companies can confirm as many spots in whatever combination they want. The deadline for company participation is May 1, 2017.

The remaining $3500 is paid during the summer in two pieces - $1500 on June 1 and $2000 on July 5. Students work at their matched company for a total of 6 weeks starting July 5 and ending on August 11.

Here's a brief overview of the timeline:

  • May 1: Company participation deadline - $500 deposit per student is due.
  • May 22 - June 30: Students begin training and are matched with companies.
  • June 1: $1500 due per student.
  • July 5: Remaining $2000 due. Student begins work at company.
  • August 11: Program ends.

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HackCville's partners & sponsors:

  • i.Lab at the University of Virginia
  • Google
  • SE@UVA
  • WillowTree
  • Galant Center for Entrepreneurship
  • CBIC

"As we seek to build our creative economy, HackCville will play a crucial role in training and keeping talent here in Charlottesville."

- Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer

Community Impact

Developing a strong base of talent and reducing brain drain is vital for the continued development of Charlottesville tech, startup, and small business ecosystem. Launch is designed to increase the number of talented engineers, web designers, marketers, data scientists in Charlottesville and to keep them here. Supporting Launch enables HackCville to continue working toward that mission.

"We were blown away by the quality of their work and how quickly they began contributing to the team. They added tremendous bandwidth to what we could accomplish as a small startup and were able to keep them on for PT stints while back at school. We even tried to convince one of them to leave school and work with us full-time."

Tarek Pertew, co-founder of Uncubed
Hired three HackCville students over the last three years.

Our students are trained by a team of expert instructors from across Charlottesville's business and technology community.

Sign up your company by May 1 to confirm your spot.

Get in touch with one of our team members with any questions or to move forward. Email us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

If after reading through these you still have questions, please let us know at

Our Training Process

What does the training process look like?

For the first six weeks of the summer (May 22 - June 30), accepted students will participate in immersive, intensive skills training to become full-stack developers, web designers, marketers, or data scientists. Launch is led by local expert instructors with years of teaching and industry experience.

What is taught to the software engineering students?

Engineering students will learn several front-end and back-end programming languages and frameworks, along with the skills to quickly learn any new language. Students will be trained on Node, React, HTML, CSS, wireframing tools, git and GitHub, and Python. By the end of our training they will be ready to build fully functioning web applications from scratch.

What is taught to the web design / front-end students?

Web design students will learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, along with popular frameworks for each. (While the web development track gives a brief overview of front-end languages, web design students will develop much greater mastery of these.) Students will also learn basic design principles, wireframing tools, git and GitHub, and Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. We'll also introduce them to CMS theme development. By the end of our training they will be ready to build beautiful and functional designs, websites, and custom CMS themes from scratch.

What is taught to the digital marketing students?

Full-stack marketing students will learn how to produce integrated marketing campaigns, start to finish. Students will be trained in graphic design principles, marketing strategy, SEO, and data analysis. They'll also be immersed in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, as well as popular digital marketing tools like MailChimp, Google Analytics & AdWords, Facebook Ads, and more.

What is taught to the data science students?

Data science students will learn how to find, scrape, and clean data sets. Students will be trained in R, Python, Tableu, D3, Excel, and an introduction to machine learning. They'll also learn how to create statistical analyses, predictive modeling, database design, and data visualizations based on their findings. By the end of our program they will be ready to find or use existing data sets to provide immediately valuable insights.

What else do you teach your students?

All students will also go through professional development training to learn how to be effective and communicative employees. We'll start by introducing students to the basics of how startups and tech companies work and operate. We'll train students to become expert, effective communicators through regular project presentations, email-writing workshops, and interview practice. Finally, our students will be introduced to the basics of common workplace digital tools, including Slack, Salesforce, G Suite, and more.

Our Matching Process

How do you match students with companies for the internship portion of the program?

Throughout the first 6 weeks of training, HackCville works to identify the best project consultant(s) for each company. This process includes:

  • An opportunity for companies to pitch their company and potential projects to all Launch students
  • Several opportunities to meet Launch students and observe their progress to ensure the best match possible
  • Personalized recommendations on which students would be the best fit for their company, based on their skillset, project portfolio, and industry interests

HackCville's staff will work with each company and each student to ensure excellent matches for the latter half of the program.

Company Internship

Tell me more about what the company internship looks like.

For the second 6 weeks of the summer (July 5 - August 11) HackCville provides each company with immediately useful, skilled, and trained students. Students will work as project consultants for 35 hours/week at the company's offices. (Remote work is also possible.)

We hesitate to use "intern" to describe these students, as after our program these students operate much more like junior developers, web designers, marketers or data scientists. These students can effectively serve as immediately-useful team members to help you launch a new marketing campaign, digital product, website, or data analysis project.

What types of students can I bring on to my team?

You can bring on any number or combination of engineering, web design, marketing, or data science students.

How much management time is expected of my company during the internship?

We know onboarding and managing interns is often time consuming, difficult, and distracting. HackCville will remove much of this burden with 5+ hours of ongoing project and professional development support per student per week during the second half of the summer. This gives companies a student that can solve business problems without the hassle of managing them.

What do I have to provide in order to participate?

Here's what you need to provide:

  • A $4000 payment to HackCville to sponsor the education of each project consultant the you wants to hire. $500 deposits per student are due by May 1.
  • Representative(s) from your company to meet with HackCville staff and students during the first 6 weeks of the program to work through the matching process.
  • A defined project or projects for their matched student to work on during their 6 weeks with the comapny.

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