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HackCville’s Photography Program

Exposure is a 12-week program that teaches the basics of digital photography and editing. Learn more about Exposure below, or learn more about all of HackCville’s programs here.

Program Details

Exposure is a 12-week program for students interested in learning storytelling through digital photography. Students will learn photography using Nikon and Canon DSLRs and photo editing using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. Projects in portraiture, landscape, journalistic photography and more will provide students with hands-on experience.

Graduates of Exposure will have extensive knowledge and skill in digital photography and will have completed three short-term projects and one semester-long project that will be published to each student’s personal photography portfolio website.

There is a $40 materials fee per student for Exposure, due at the beginning of the program. This will cover the cost of Adobe Lightroom, a personal SD card for the program, and a few other small items. If you are interested in Exposure but cannot afford the materials fee, we still encourage you to apply. In most cases we are able to provide financial assistance to cover costs like these.

Exposure meets twice each week: Mondays 6-7:30pm and Wednesdays 2-3:30pm.

Meet the Program Leads

Sarah Dodge

Sarah Dodge is the program lead for Exposure and a Senior Producer for The Pioneer. She’s a 3rd Year studying Media Studies at UVA. Sarah has extensive photography experience, having booked nearly $10,000 in freelance photography contracts in the last year alone. She also shoots for UVA Sports. Sarah graduated HackCville’s Storyboard program in Fall 2015. You can see samples of her work here, and you can reach her at sarah@hackcville.com.

Peiching Teo

Peiching is one of the assistant instructors for Exposure. She’s a 2nd Year studying Commerce at UVA and also serves as HackCville’s Finance Manager. She graduated HackCville’s Hustle program in Spring 2016. You can see samples of her photography here.

Rory Finnegan

Rory Finnegan is one of the assistant instructors for Exposure. Rory is a 3rd Year at UVA studying English and formerly served as HackCville’s Marketing Manager. Rory graduated HackCville’s Hustle program in Fall 2014.

Here are some samples of the program leads’ work:

"I love the new people HackCville exposed me to: people who are driven, creative, ambitious, and inspirational. I also loved the skills, both hard and soft, I got to learn and practice. HackCville has given me a creative outlet within a great community, something I was really searching for."

- Becky Ross, HackCville Member, Storyboard Program Graduate

HackCville Membership Perks

After you complete your first HackCville program, you're granted HackCville membership. Here's what you get:

24/7 access to our fun and functional clubhouses on Elliewood Ave. Our two clubhouses are filled with hammocks, couches, whiteboards, and WiFi. Use our space to work on your projects, hold meetings, or just hang out.

Exclusive events and job opportunities. Whether it's drinks with the co-founder of Reddit or HackCville-only job opportunities, we give our members access to dozens of unique experiences every year.

A community that feels like family. You'll join HackCville's 200-member community of the most talented and badass people in Charlottesville.

Early access to HackCville programs, no application required. Want to take another program? As a member, you can just sign up - no application required. We open up spots to members before the public.

Here’s what’s included in every HackCville program.

1. Workshops

Each program cohort meets 1-2x each week at one of HackCville's clubhouses on Elliewood Avenue. You'll participate in fun, fast-paced workshops to teach you modern skills.

Along the way, you'll be become close with your peers. Many of our students end up starting projects together with the people they meet.

2. Projects

You'll work on several hands-on projects throughout the program to put what you're learning into action. This could be anything from a data visualization project to a mini-documentary to your own startup.

These make great resume-building and portfolio-building experiences, too.

3. Mentorship

HackCville pairs every student with a peer and/or alumni mentor to provide guidance and support as you work on your projects throughout the program.

Our team also meets with you several times one-on-one to ensure you're getting the most out of your program.

4. Trips

HackCville hosts immersive trips to cities across the country (New York, San Francisco, Baltimore, and more) to tour companies, meet alumni, and give students networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Trips are where you see how what you're learning is put into action in the real world.

Learn more about all of HackCville's programs.


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